New project awards

Professor Edik Rafailov (Coordinator) and Dr Sergei Sokolovski have won a highly prestigious award from the Horizon Europe Pathfinder Scheme. The Proposal, GlioLighT attracting €3.23 million, with €866k going to the Aston team. The GlioLighT consortium has assembled to develop a conceptually novel non-invasive glioma treatment approach. GlioLighT proposes a novel alternative form of targeted ROS generation: Direct Light Therapy (DLT). DLT uses 1267nm light to generate 1O2 species in glioma cells without dependency on a photosensitisers (PS). The removal of PS will revolutionise glioma treatment, enabling novel treatment modalities to vastly improve efficacy, and earlier intervention options, all at reduced cost and complexity.

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