H2020 Future and Emerging Technology prestigious award "MESO-BRAIN"

Professor Edik Rafailov has won an enormously prestigious award from the EC Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Scheme. The scheme published success rate is below 2%, making it amongst the toughest in the H2020 suite of schemes. The Proposal, MESO-BRAIN, scored a perfect 15/15, attracting €3.3 million, with €840k going to the Aston team of Prof. Edik Rafailov, Dr. Sergei Sokolovski, Dr. Rhein Parri, Dr. David Nagel and Dr. Eric Hill. The project will develop 3D nano-printing technology for functional three-dimensional human stem cell derived neural networks of defined and reproducible architecture, based on that of a brain cortical module that will display in vivo connectivity and activity. Cellular neuroscience research and pharmaceutical drug discovery will be transformed. It is envisaged that within 15 years the stem cell derived neural networks from individual patients will be re-implanted to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and trauma.

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